Giga Raya Computer is the Online Store that provides Computer Accessories, Notebook Accessories and parts for your computer with a cheap prices.

Founded in 2006 and has been closed for some time, now in 2011 Giga Raya to try again with the launch of Giga Raya online to enliven Jakarta Computer Markets


Haris Ahmad  

Selling computer accessories with cheap price

* USB Flash Drive (Kingston, Sandisk, Nexus, Deam, V-Gen),
* Memory Card (V-Gen, Deam, Sandisk, Transcend),
* Keyboard & Mouse (Bufftech, Komic, votre, Appolyon, Logitech, Itech, S-Pro),
* Speaker (Standard Speaker, Logitech, Edifier)
* Music Angel (Taiwan, Local),
* USB Portable Speaker (Standard, Maxtron),
* USB Hub (Standard),
* Webcam (MTech, Genius, Logitech, Prolink),
* Game Pad (Statndard),
* Mouse Pad (Pillow, Press, Cain),
* USB Multi Charger,
* USB Card Reader (Standard, ePRO),
* USB Bluetooth Dongle (Standard, ePRO),
* Notebook Cooling Pad (Itech, Sami, Qrius),
* Notebook Keyboard Protector (Standard),
* Notebook LCD Protector (Standard),
* Notebook LCD Cleaner (Standard),
* LED Lantern / Emergency Lamp (Yamasaki),
* Stabilizer (Standard, Servo Motor),
* Various Cable (Mini USB Cable, Power Cord, Printer Cable, Cable HDD)
* Headset (Bufftech, Keenion, BLG),
* Earphone (Standard),
* Casing Fan (Black, Transparent),
* HDD Fan (Standard),
* Processor Fan (Standard, Foxconn),
* Photo Paper (Blueprint),
* TV Tuner (Gadmei),
* Power Supply (Simbadda, Mentari, Epro),
* Casing (ECase, ETech, Simbadda, SPC),
* PCI Sound Card (Standard),
* PCI USB Card (Standard),
* Assembled Computers (Intel, AMD),
* And more.

Enjoy shopping...