Monday, October 3, 2011

USB 3D Sound Audio Controller

USB 3D Sound Controller is a device capable of making a USB port into Slot Audio (Speaker and Mic). These tools are very useful for Notebook or Netbook with problems with the Audio Device.

Some functions and features of this tool :
  1. Real USB plug and play
  2. Drive 2 channels speakers directly and support 3D Sound, And virtual 5.1 channel soundtrack.
  3. No need external power adapter
  4. Digital Class-B power amplifier inside

    This tool is the best entainment for gaming, music and more ...

    Warranty 1 week

    PRICE IDR 40.000 - 1 UNIT
    PRICE IDR 38.000 - 3 UNIT

    Warranty 1 week
    With volume control 
    PRICE IDR 60.000 - 1 UNIT 
    PRICE IDR 58.000 - 3 UNIT



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