Saturday, October 22, 2011

PCI Sound Card 5.1 Channel

For PC users and you want your PC produces the equivalent of home theater sound. While on the mainboard has an onboard sound card there. The solution is to use a PCI sound card.

You just put it in the PCI slot your mainboard. If you do not understand you can ask for help from friends or computer engineering personnel.

4.1 and 5.1 channel output for home theater surround sound. Build with some features :

  • 5.1 Channelk Audio Card
  • 32 Bits PCI Sound Quality
  • Direct Sound3D Compatible
  • Direct Sound3D Hardware Acceleration
  • Support DOS, All Windows, And Linux OS
  • Creative Audio Chipset

For audio problems on notebook use USB 3D Audio Sound Controller

Warranty 1 week

PRICE IDR 47.500 - 1 UNIT
PRICE IDR 42.500 - 3 UNIT 


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