Saturday, November 19, 2011

M-Tech Optical USB Pull Mouse

M-Tech pull mouse is suitable for use on your Notebook or Netbook. With its tiny and flexible cables that can be withdrawn at will.

Its small easy to carry carry with your notebook. With good optical (1200 DPI) quality so comfortable day to day or surf all day. With the addition of colorful LED lights add elegance so that you as a user.

Warranty 1 week

PRICE IDR 25.000 - 1 UNIT
PRICE IDR 23.000 - 3 UNIT
PRICE IDR 21.000 - 6 UNIT

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gadmei USB Stick TV - UTV 380 (USB TV Tunner)

This is an external USB 2.0 TV Box, which allows you to watch live TV and to capture video on your PC/laptop/Notebook. Through the high speed interface, you just need to Plug And Play without removing computer cover.

With Gadmei you can
  1. Enjoy watch TV Program on PC
  2. FM Function
  3. Powerful schedule recording function
  4. Making your own DVD
  5. Exquisite appearance and user friendly OSD

Gadmei USB Stick TV UTV 380 has many features, such :
  • Unique USB design, small like USB Flash disk and easy to carry
  • Embedded 10bit video decoder to achieve stable picture and vivid color
  • Receive full channel TV programs and favorite channel group and rename function
  • Full system AV input port, connect to DVD player, Game Player, etc
  • Convenient FM tuning function enable you to enjoy favorite FM Radio program
  • Record video in DVD format
  • Schedule record and still image capture
  • Easy installed, powerfull and user friendly software included
  • Full function IR Remote control and support keyboard shortcut

Package :
  1. Gadmei USB TV
  2. IR Remote
  3. USB Cable Adapter
  4. Antenna Cable
  5. RCA Cable
  6. Batteries
  7. CD Softwares
  8. Manual Book (Bahasa Indonesia and English)
  9. Waranty Book

Very great For PC/Notebook/Netbook

Warranty 3 Month

PRICE IDR 210.000 - 1 UNIT
PRICE IDR 200.000 - 3 UNIT

    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    PCI Sound Card 5.1 Channel

    For PC users and you want your PC produces the equivalent of home theater sound. While on the mainboard has an onboard sound card there. The solution is to use a PCI sound card.

    You just put it in the PCI slot your mainboard. If you do not understand you can ask for help from friends or computer engineering personnel.

    4.1 and 5.1 channel output for home theater surround sound. Build with some features :

    • 5.1 Channelk Audio Card
    • 32 Bits PCI Sound Quality
    • Direct Sound3D Compatible
    • Direct Sound3D Hardware Acceleration
    • Support DOS, All Windows, And Linux OS
    • Creative Audio Chipset

    For audio problems on notebook use USB 3D Audio Sound Controller

    Warranty 1 week

    PRICE IDR 47.500 - 1 UNIT
    PRICE IDR 42.500 - 3 UNIT 

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Dual Shock USB Gamepad (With Vibration)

    For you fans of the PS2 games or computer games and wants to play games using a gamepad? Easy solution we only use a USB gamepad connected to the USB slot of your PC or Notebook.

    This gamepad has some features :
    • Support real vibration
    • Dual-gamepad Interact
    • USB interface with plug and play
    • Digital and analoque mode control
    • Support Direct-X
    • Fully compatible with USB version 1.0/2.0
    • Windows Operating System Support
    • Ergonomically shaped for comfort and control During play

    Warranty 1 week

    PRICE IDR 50.000 - 1 UNIT
    PRICE IDR 48.000 - 2 UNIT


      Monday, October 3, 2011

      USB 3D Sound Audio Controller

      USB 3D Sound Controller is a device capable of making a USB port into Slot Audio (Speaker and Mic). These tools are very useful for Notebook or Netbook with problems with the Audio Device.

      Some functions and features of this tool :
      1. Real USB plug and play
      2. Drive 2 channels speakers directly and support 3D Sound, And virtual 5.1 channel soundtrack.
      3. No need external power adapter
      4. Digital Class-B power amplifier inside

        This tool is the best entainment for gaming, music and more ...

        Warranty 1 week

        PRICE IDR 40.000 - 1 UNIT
        PRICE IDR 38.000 - 3 UNIT

        Warranty 1 week
        With volume control 
        PRICE IDR 60.000 - 1 UNIT 
        PRICE IDR 58.000 - 3 UNIT


        Sunday, October 2, 2011

        Digital Thermometer For Children

        The digital thermometer provides quick, highly accurate reading of your temperatures. They are edited to acquaint you with features of your new thermometer so that you can enjoy its functions and years of dependable performance.

        How To Use
        1. Press power switch to turn on unit
        2. Position sensor tip and wait for beeper sound
        3. Read temperatures
        4. Press power switch to turn off unit
        For more detail, please read manual book

        PRICE IDR 35.000